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Can I Fire My Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’re not happy with your current personal injury lawyer, you may be wondering if you can fire them. Here’s what you need to know.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best way to file a lawsuit for your damages. An expert attorney helps to get your recovery amount faster. But things do not go the same way every time.

Sometimes, victims find their attorneys not handling the case properly. Maybe the lawyer made a bad decision, charging non-considerable fees and others. On those occasions, clients have the right to fire their personal injury attorney at any time.

If you are experiencing the same situation and looking for a new attorney by ending the existing lawyer contract, this guide is for you. Here we discuss what should be the reasons when deciding to fire your lawyer. Besides, we give you key considerations while taking such crucial steps.

Reasons To Fire A Personal Injury LawyerReasons To Fire A Personal Injury Lawyer

So below are the reasons most victims want to fire their lawyer for that. Check out the points if you are experiencing the same difficulties with your injury attorney.

  • Victims cannot get that satisfaction from their personal injury lawyer. They have doubt about their abilities and work process
  • Continues Disagreement on the lawyer’s decision-making on your case.
  • The lawyer does not show necessary interest in their case
  • Victims’ lawyers may not be in touch or lack communication
  • Your attorney does not give quick updates on you case via phone, msg or email
  • Poor relation between the lawyer and their client
  • You don’t seem any progress in your personal injury case
  • Your lawyer may avoid your questions or does not provide necessary guidance when needed
  • Continuously miss deadlines from your lawyer

These are some reasons that most victims find in their personal injury lawyer. As a result, they start finding ways to fire their attorney for a new professional.

The process to Fire Your Personal Injury Lawyer

After spending a little time with your injury attorney, if you find they are not suited for your case, you have the right to fire them. But first, you should understand the process before making such an important decision. So below are the points to follow when willing to fire a personal injury case in the middle of the process.

Review your contract

It is vital to review your contract before firing an injury lawyer. Read the contract carefully to ensure that there is a specific procedure required to terminate the attorney-client relationship. If you find any guidelines, follow them to complete the process smoothly.

Immediately hire a new injury attorney

The second step is to hire a new injury lawyer immediately. It may seem odd to contact a new lawyer before firing the existing one. But it is vital to prevent additional complexes in the process. Your current lawyer can also get access to solve legal obstacles when firing the previous attorney.

Terminate the contract in writing

In the last step, you should send a termination letter to your existing lawyer. The document should be written in a professional manner and include all circumstances that force you to take the step. Always follow a certified email service to send your termination letter to the attorney.


So these are the detailed guides about firing a personal injury lawyer in the middle of the case. We hope you get all the required answers related to the topic. So remember, you should follow our above considerations before taking such vital steps. Additionally, you should be 100% sure when willing to fire the existing lawyer.

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