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How Much Is A Personal Injury Case Worth

How Much Is A Personal Injury Case Worth?

Contact Personal injury lawyers if you get hurt, damaged, or injured by third-party fault. They will file a lawsuit against your losses for the accident. Several types of compensation are available that are worth a specific cost. Your attorney prepares a demand package or settlement amount for your injuries.

Now you might be wondering How lawyers value personal injury cases? It depends on your damages, the cost of treatment, and any available insurance coverage. How much is a personal injury case worth? It depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the injury, the jurisdiction, the type of case, and the lawyers involved. Your lawyer has the experience to calculate your legit personal injury settlement amounts. Contact an attorney or a law firm and take free consultation. Discuss with experts and understand the consequences and value of your personal injury case.

Below we discuss how lawyers value your injury case and other related information.

Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples

Most personal injury cases settle between $3000 to $75000. Generally, the value of your compensation depends on evidence, injuries, and other factors. Your lawyer quickly understands the legit worth of your settlement. They mainly collect documents that help to calculate the value. For example, your injuries report, medical bills, future expenses, police report, insurance coverage, and other documentation. Below are the standard personal injury settlement amounts from certain cases,

  • The average Assault case settlement amount is over $1,000,000
  • $600,000 to $1.8 million for negligent security
  • Average car accident settlement amount is $16,700 for non-injury and $29,700 for crash victim
  • $800,000 for poisoning products

Depending on your case and other circumstances, the value of your compensation can increase or decrease. As an accident victim, you should hire the best personal injury lawyer who helps to get maximum compensation.

Personal Injury Damages Calculator

How should you determine the value of a personal injury claim? Most commonly, it depends on injury type. Below is the compensation based on your damages.

Neck Injury

This type of injury is common after a car accident or crash. In neck injuries, victims experience pain and stiffness in the head areas. The common side effects of neck injuries are headache, dizziness, and fatigue. In most cases, damages take weeks or months to recover. There are current and future medical treatments required for patients. On average, victims spend $2,500 to recover completely. You can expect this compensation amount following this injury.

Broken Bones

There are several inspections available on broken bones and fractures. Treatments include setting or restructuring if the bone comes out of the skin. In this case, the average medical bill costs $6000. The price may vary on surgery, medicines, and others.

Spinal Cord Injuries

This is the most severe injury accident victims suffer. Damages can develop a permanent disability, paralysis, or lifelong impact. In this case, surgery, physical therapy, and others are standard treatments. Patients may take more time to recover. On average, the compensation for these damages depends between $10000 – $30000.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

This is another severe injury most victims experience after a fatal car accident. The intensity of your damages can range between medium and high. Depending on the circumstances, your compensation will be valued on average; the treatment of brain injury costs around $10000.

Factors That Affect The Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Several factors depend on how much your personal injury case is worth. It mainly depends on your injuries after an accident. More damages mean eligibility for more recovery amount. Different parameters are available that calculate your overall damages, including medical conditions & medical history, future bills, lost wages, property damage, and others.

Economic Damages

Most personal injury cases value by following the economic damages. These damages include

Your present, past, and future medical bills. A lawyer follows different hospitality documents like the cost of Hospitalization, Surgery, Doctor’s visits, Prescription costs, Ongoing treatment costs, and other medical expenses.

Secondly, inspect lost wages or documents that support the loss of your income source or employment.

If the accident causes damage to your property, this expense also comes under economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages also measure the value of your personal case. These damages include the following.

Pain and suffering are the common Non-economic damages lawyers inspect. Experts mainly monitor how much pain you face from the accident and your injuries.

Accident victims who lost their work or enjoyment in life come under this category. So you can get a recovery amount for such a situation.

The court also compensates for the loss of companionship and emotional or physical distress in personal injury cases.

Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages do not come under compensation in personal injury cases. Instead, the jury can punish the suspect for the victim’s damages. These cases may develop when the victims face injury or disability for using harmful products suggested by the retailer. So the judge will punish the suspect and order a fine to be paid to the victim. The recovery amount, in this case, strongly depends on several circumstances.

Chances of Winning A Personal Injury Lawsuit

U.S. A Department of Justice report says, on average, there is a 3% chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit. So there are low chances of winning while your case goes to trial verdict. Generally, a personal injury claim is settled before going to court. In other cases, victims mostly withdraw their cases due to several reasons.

Still, it is recommended to hire the best personal injury lawyer when you are seriously damaged or injured for other parties’ fault. An attorney will help to recover the amount by negotiation.


So above are the detailed guides about How lawyers value personal injury cases. As mentioned, several factors depend on this situation. Still, Your damages mainly play a vital role in calculating your case worth. More injuries and expense means more compensation. Your every damage adds a dollar to your recovery amount. So always consult an expert attorney and evaluate the cost of your case. So that all for today, we hope you get a detailed information related to the topic.


Below are the most asked questions related to the topic. Dropdown to get your quick answers.

How Do You Negotiate A Higher Personal Injury Settlement?

Negotiating a personal injury settlement can be complex without a lawyer. There are several steps included in the process. For example, collecting the evidence, preparing a demand package, sending a letter to the insurer, etc. An expert attorney will help to solve this matter professionally.

What Is The Formula For Personal Injury Settlements?

Personal injury lawyers carry a formula to know how much your case is worth. For example, Economic damages + (economic damages x multiplier). It means your overall damages and expenses are divided by a given number. By following this calculation, an attorney determined how much should be asked of the insurer.

What Percentage Do Most Injury Lawyers Take?

Personal injury lawyers in the USA mostly take a contingent fee against your lawsuit. It is a predetermined percentage of your total settlement or recovery amount. The rate mainly depends on between 33% to 40%.

How Do You Calculate Emotional Distress Damage?

Consult with a personal injury attorney to calculate your emotional distress damages. Experts usually measure the value by total economic damages x multiplier.

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