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Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Drop Your Case?

Personal injury lawyers work to file a lawsuit against the suspect party. So the victims can get a legit settlement amount from the case. A personal injury lawyer guides victims towards legal procedures before and after filing a lawsuit. With the help of expert attorneys, you can take actions against the negligence parties liable for your damages.

Sometimes things can’t go as you plan. Your injury lawyer can drop your case for several reasons. Additionally, the lawyers don’t approve all personal injury cases. There are various factors that depend on when an injury lawyer withdraws from a victim.

The most common reasons are limited damages, evidence to prove the liabilities and others. In this article, we explain why personal injury lawyers drop some victims’ cases, and how you should avoid such circumstances. So keep reading this guide and understand the occasion while working with an injury lawyer.

Why a personal injury lawyer drop your case

Lack of evidence and eligibility of the damages are the two common reasons when a personal injury lawyer drops the case. On this occasion, the case became challenging to prove the liabilities and work for the defendant. As a result, your lawyer may find your case is a waste of time and withdraw from the victim. Below are the common points on this occasion.

Non eligible damages

This is the most common reason why the injury lawyer dropped your case. Personal injury cases end in compensation for the victims. Higher the damages, higher the recovery amount is. If the victim suffered limited damages from the accident, the compensation will not be worthy of lawyers. Indeed, attorneys work on a “no win” “no fee” structure. It means the lawyer only paid after getting a settlement for the victims. If the recovery amount does not fulfill lawyers’ percentage, they will reject the case.

Limited resources

Evidence is essential to prove personal injury liabilities in the court. In this situation, supporting documents are required. For example, police reports, medical bills, witness records, accident proof and others. If your case has limited resources, your lawyer will withdraw from it.

Your case taking too much time

If your injury case takes too much time, the attorney will turn it down. Attorneys always calculate the risk, time, and recovery amount before taking a case. If they find the time is excessive than the claim value, they drop the case. Again, an injury lawyer works on contingency fee or percentage basis on victims’ settlement amount.

Too expensive

Proving a personal injury case required time and resources. Your lawyer collects all vital documents that support your accident. Additionally, they personal governmental tasks like depositions, police investigation, doctors documentation etc. all these resources have cost that a lawyer pays initially. If the attorney finds the expense is huge compared to chances of winning, they will drop the case.


So above are the detailed guides about why a personal injury lawyer drops your case. We hope you get detailed answers related to the topic. An injury attorney always calculates the risk and reward before taking a case. Additionally, they can withdraw in the middle of the process, dealing on situations. If you are confident about winning, you should communicate with the lawyers for better possibilities.

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